Intelligent All-rounder

The Institute of Computer Technology at the TU Wien, in cooperation with several Austrian research partners, develops an intelligent switching device for energy management in industrial and commercial settings.

The ongoing increase in renewable energy sources create an increased demand for intelligent and flexible components to face the new challenges that go along with this development. This does not only apply to the large transmission grids, but also to low-voltage grids and even electrical circuits in industry and commerce. An Austrian consortium with partners from industry and science developed an intelligent switching device that combines previously separate functions into a single, intelligent and flexible device. The “Smart Breaker”, developed as part of the Climate and Energy Fund’s pilot project iniGrid, not only offers switching and protection functions, but also enables monitoring and remote control, opening up completely new possibilities for operational energy management. The use of semiconductor technology makes this innovative switch of the new generation compact inexpensive – an innovation that will cause attention, even on an international scale. Continue reading Intelligent All-rounder