Bachelor Program

The ICT offers the following courses of the Bachelor Program “Electrical Engineering and Information Technology”:

Module 4 “Informationsverarbeitung” (1st semester):

The courses of this module present the introduction to digital technology, starting from the solution and synthesis of simple switching networks, over memory elements and synchronous switching mechanisms to the design of a simple microprocessor, which is then programmed in assembly language. These courses are supported through an award-winning e-learning system.

Module 9 “Mikrocomputer” (3rd and 4th semester):

This module is completely covered by the ICT and based on the courses of module 4. Lectures and practicing in the 3rd semester present advanced technologies for increasing the performance of a computer system, such as the Harvard architecture, pipelines and cache. Concurrently, basic knowledge and skills of VHDL programming are presented and practiced. The students are supported through a custom-designed e-learning system.

The laboratory exercises in the 4th semester are organized in very small groups of two students each. The students apply the learned skills in practice using appealing test arrangements.

Module 10 “Programmieren” (4th semester):

The lecture with integrated exercises focuses on the object-oriented concepts of programming and aims to gain hands-on experience and competence in the implementation of these concepts using the Java programming language.

In the exercise part, the students work on increasingly more difficult examples for practicing under intensive supervision and present their solutions during the semester.

  • Object-oriented Programming VU, 384.061

Modules 17 “Fachvertiefungen ETIT” and 19 “Bachelorarbeit”:

Depending on the lecturer giving this course, students can decide to work on a project from a wide variety of topics. These range from Model-driven Software Engineering and Software Development Processes through Smart Grid Architectures to Smart Sensors and Self-aware Systems on Chip.

In addition, a large number of interesting bachelor theses are continuously offered, as announced on posters and in TISS. Interested students with their own ideas are also always invited to get in touch directly with a potential supervisor!

  • Selected Topics – Computer Systems VU, 384.139
  • Selected Topics – Software Development VU, 384.141
  • Bachelor Thesis and Seminar PR, 384.167 and 384.997