The Institute of Computer Technology performs research on the following topics:

Systems on Chip

This research area is managed by Professor Axel Jantsch.

  • SoC Infrastructure and Networks on Chip (Axel Jantsch)
  • Self-Aware Systems on Chip (Axel Jantsch)
  • Sensor networks and Mixed-Signal ASICs (Axel Jantsch)
  • Verification of analog/digital systems (ERROR_LINK_TO_PERSON)

Software-intensive Systems

This research area is managed by Professor Hermann Kaindl.

  • Requirements Engineering and Architecting (Hermann Kaindl)
  • Interacting in and with Software (ERROR_LINK_TO_PERSON)
  • Model-driven development and Semantic Technologies (ERROR_LINK_TO_PERSON)

Additional Research Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence based on a neuropsychoanalytic approach SiMA (Alexander Wendt)
  • Smart energy systems, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0, robotics, automated driving, and cyber security are research topics of the Energy&IT Group (ERROR_LINK_TO_PERSON)
  • Communication in automation, in specific: fieldbus systems ( Thilo Sauter)
  • Fault tolerant systems and security (ERROR_LINK_TO_PERSON)

For detailed information on our research projects refer to the Vienna TU’s project database.