Systems on Chip

Today, highly complex Hardware/Software Systems together with sensor- and radio interfaces can be integrated on a single chip. They form the building blocks and the heart of embedded systems, distributed sensor networks and of the Internet of Things.

Our research focuses on the following topics:

On-chip Infrastruktur, in partular Networks on Chip, power management and self-monitoring;

Self-Aware Systems on Chip: We study and develop concepts and techniques for self-monitoring and goal directed resource management for embedded systems and networked cyber-physical systems.

Predictive Systems on Chip  and sensor nodes .

ASIC Design is the focus of the group headed by Dr. Stefan Mahlknecht. His focus is the design and optimization of platforms (hardware, firmware, middleware) for ultra-low power wireless sensor networks for different applications, e.g. cargo monitoring, energy management in buildings and environments, or automation systems.

Verification  is the focus of the group led by DI Michael Rathmair. Verification of embedded mixed-signal systems is still a challenge. We explore innovative means for guiding simulation (e.g. by design-of-experiments) as well as symbolic and (for analog systems) range-based simulations.