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My work-related experiences in brief.

Experiences Overview

I have designed and implemented various systems and circuits. From transistor level integrated or non-integrated circuit design, all the way to fairly sophisticated robotic systems.

I have taught or facilitated, and served as Teacher Assistant (TA) for various technical courses as well as language and teaching methodology classes.

I had been and active member of student society as well as chair, secretary and publicity chair of several nation-wide robotic competitions while doing my Bachelors. During the same period, I established a Robotic Club and designed courses for the students.
I served also as an executive member of the AUTO21 HQP Advisory Committee since October 2012. Since May 2013 untill May 2015, I was the chair of the AUTO21 HQP Advisory Committee and joined the AUTO21 Board of Directors.
Most recently I have been actively involved in organizing workshops and conferences. I am one of the main organizer of Self-aware Cyber Physical Systems (SelPhyS) and the general chair for MobiHealth 2017.

For further information and details on these experiences as well as technical skills or soft skills I gained through them, I invite you to consult the page under respective tab.

Me at AUTO21 Conference, 2013