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Past Webinars

Date Speaker Title Panelists
17/October/2022 Prof. Ian O'Connor, École Central de Lyon Ferroelectric-enabled energy-efficient non-volatile edge computing Dr. Hassan Najafi (University of Louisiana - Lafayette)
3/October/2022 Prof. Luigi Carro, Instituto de Informatica, UFRGS Nitty-gritty details to enhance Processing In Memory performance Dr. Petar Radojkovic (Barcelona Super Computing Center), Dr. David Novo (University of Montpellier), Dr. Cory Merkel (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Summer/2022 Summer Break Summer Break
10/July/2022 iMACAW In-person workshop at DAC2022 (https://www.ict.tuwien.ac.at/staff/taherinejad/iMACAW/) San Francisco, USA
Summer/2022 Summer Break Summer Break
16/May/2022 MiM Anniversary Super Panelists - P2 A Super Panel discussion with our first year speakers -
Part II
Jeronimo Castrillon (TU Dresden), Pedram Khalili (Northwestern Uni.), Helen Li (Duke Uni.), Damien Querlioz (Uni. Paris-Saclay)
2/May/2022 MiM Anniversary Super Panelists - P1 A Super Panel discussion with our first year speakers -
Part I
David Fick (Mythic) [Slides], Sharon Hu (Uni. Notre Dame) [Slides], Onur Mutlu (ETHZ) [Slides], Kaushik Roy (Purdue University)
18/April/2022 No Talks Easter Holidays -
4/April/2022 Prof. Mehdi Tahoori, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Test and Reliability Aspects of Computation in Memory (Abstract & Bio, Slides, Video) Dr. Semeen Rehman (TU Wien)
21/March/2022 Prof. Shimeng Yu, Georgia Institute of Technology NeuroSim: A Benchmark Framework of Compute-in-Memory Hardware Accelerators from Devices/Circuits to Architectures/Algorithms (Abstract & Bio, Slides, Video) Prof. Matthew Marinella (Arizona State Uni.), Prof. Michael Niemier (Uni. of Notre Dame)
21/February/2022 Prof. Xiaobo Sharon Hu, University of Notre Dame In-Memory Computing with Associative Memories — A Cross-Layer Perspective (Abstract & Bio, Slides) Dr. Thomas Kämpfe (Fraunhofer IPMS), Prof. Xueqing Li (Tsinghua University)
7/February/2022 Prof. Hai (Helen) Li, Duke University Efficient Machine Learning: Algorithms-Circuits-Devices Co-design (Abstract & Bio, Slides, Video) Dr. Shaahin Angizi (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Dr. Manuel Le Gallo (IBM Zurich)
6/December/2021 Prof. Jeronimo Castrillon,
TU Dresden
Racetrack memories: Fundamentals, architectures and code optimization (Abstract & Bio, Slides, Video) Dr. Rangharajan Venkatesan (NVIDIA)
15/November/2021 Prof. Kaushik Roy,
Purdue University
In-Memory Computing based Machine Learning Accelerators: Opportunities and Challenges (Abstract & Bio, Slides, Video) Prof. Alberto Bosio (EC de Lyon)
No Webinar Summer Break! Sunshine
2/August/2021 Dr. David Fick,
Mythic's Flash-based Analog Compute-in-Memory (Abstract & Bio, Slides, Video) Dr. Biswajit Ray (University of Alabama - Huntsville), Dr. Saugata Ghose (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
19/July/2021 Dr. Pedram Khalili,
Northwestern Uni.
Computing using voltage-controlled stochasticity in MRAM (Abstract & Bio, Slides, Video) Dr. Siddharth Rao (IMEC)
5/July/2021 Dr. Damien Querlioz,
Uni. Paris-Saclay
In-Memory Computing with Imperfect or Unreliable Memory Devices (Abstract & Bio, Slides, Video) Dr. Patrick Sheridan (Micron Technology), Dr. Stephan Menzel (Jülich Research Center)
21/June/2021 Dr. Abu Sebastian,
IBM Zurich
Deep learning acceleration: A killer application for in-memory computing? (Abstract & Bio, Slides, Video) Dr. Shahar Kvatinsky (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology), Dr. Adnan Mehonic (University College London)
7/June/2021 Fabrice Devaux,
UPMEM DPU, architecture of the first commercially available PIM system (Abstract & Bio, Slides, Video) Dr. Juan Gómez Luna (ETH Zurich), Dr. Izzat El Hajj (American University of Beirut)
17/May/2021 Prof. Said Hamdioui,
TU Delft
Memristor-based computation-in-memory for edge AI: Opportunities and Challenges (Abstract & Bio, Slides, Video) Dr. Ioannis Vourkas (UTFSM, Chile)
3/May/2021 Prof. Onur Mutlu,
ETH Zurich
Intelligent Architectures for Intelligent Machines (Abstract & Bio, Slides.PDF, Slides.PPT, Video) Dr. Deliang Fan (Arizona State Uni.),
Dr. Christian Weis (TU Kaiserslautern)