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An introduction to the MiM webinar series

Mondays in Memory (MiM)

An In-Memory Computing Webinar Series

Von Neumann Bottleneck MIM is a free biweekly webinar series open to everyone around the world and dedicated to all aspects and technologies related to in-memory computing (including, in a broader sense, near-memory computing too). After all, different approaches to in-memory computing have a lot in common and can inspire one another.
MIM will be held on the first and third Monday of each month (starting in May 2021) and to maximize its outreach around the world, we start at 4pm CET (7am Pacific time, and 10pm Beijing time).
Each webinar starts with a 40mins talk by a speaker, followed up with a 40mins questions and discussions with the speaker and two panel members. Dr. Nima Taherinejad hosts the webinars, and together with his team they organize the MiM series.

Please check our program under next and upcoming talks and spread the word.
We look forward to welcoming you to out next webinar!