ICT Team in Top 3 TinyML Design Contest at ICCAD

The team from the Embedded Machine Learning CD-Lab at ICT has reached the top 3 final round in ICCAD‘s TinyML Design Contest. In two weeks at the conference the winner will be announced.

The 2023ACM/IEEE TinyML Design Contest at ICCAD is a challenging, multi-month, research and development competition, focusing on real-world problems that require the implementation of machine learning algorithms on low-end microprocessors/microcontrollers. It is open to multi-person teams world-wide.

The top three teams are invited to the International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD) to present their solutions, and to recieve their awards.

The team, consisting of Daniel Schnöll and Dominik Dallinger, have worked extremely hard the last months to develop a top solution, enthusiastically supported by the whole EML CD-Lab with creative ideas and vigorous encouragement. For their effort and ingenuity they are rightly acknowledged to be among the best in this comptetitive field. Congratulations!

Daniel Schnöll and Dominik Dallinger will travel to San Francisco to represent the team and TU Wien at ICCAD, taking place in Oct 29 – Nov 2. Good Luck!

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