Best University Booth Award, DATE2021

ICT has been granted the Best University Booth Award at DATE2021 for the project

MELODI – Mass E-Learning of design, test, and prototyping DIgital hardware


  • provides an efficient and economical full-stack solution to reduce substantial resource requirements from both universities and students,
  • enables an effective online learning platform,
  • is based on our previous experience with E-Learning (open-source system VELS) and
  • enables students to remotely interact with a FPGA using a web interface and video stream.

MELODI – System Architecture
Partial reconfiguration allows multiple independent users on one single FPGA.

MELODI – Web interface
Task example: One of the users submits a VHDL design for a servo and can afterwards interact with the HW using virtual buttons and a live video stream.

We want to thank our students Mr. Felix Braun and Mr. Philipp-Sebastian Vogt for this great achievement and their presentation at DATE2021.

Daniel Hauer, Friedrich Bauer, Felix Braun, Axel Jantsch, Markus D. Kobelrausch, Martin Mosbeck, Nima TaheriNejad and Philipp-Sebastian Vogt

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